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On Friday 18 February, the series "Totems" arrived on Prime Video. For its first spy series, the SVOD platform strikes a blow with this gripping and paranoid plunge into the Cold War, at a time when the East and the West are using every trick in the book to try to be the first to conquer space.

MPC VFX Supervisors

Hugues Namur, Sébastien Fauchère

MPC VFX Producer

Emmanuelle Pianko

MPC Executive Producer

Fabrice VanNieuwenhove

MPC CG Supervisor

Rodolphe Zirah

Environment Supervisors

Christophe Courgeau, Benjamin Bardoux

GENIE Awards

GENIE Awards

Nomination - Best VFX in a series

GENIE Awards

GENIE Awards

Nomination - Best Environment

The image post-production of the series mobilised about fifty people for the production of the 850+ VFX shots performed at MPC Paris, rue du Renard, and some twenty people for the management of the rushes, the entire editing process, the colour grading and the deliverables (production and quality control), all of which were carried out at MPC Paris, rue d’Hauteville

Discover all the VFX work produced by our MPC Paris teams in this VFX Breakdown:

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