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The Serpent Queen


The series follows Catherine de Medici as an orphan, who marries into the French court and is expected to bring a fortune with her dowry. Supposed to conceive heirs for the crown, she will soon discover that her husband is in love with another woman and that she cannot bear children.




Ingrid Jungermann, Stacie Passon

MPC VFX Supervisor

Bastien Chauvet

MPC VFX Producer

Kristina Prilukova

MPC Compositing Supervisor

Charles Farkas

The MPC Paris teams produced 287 VFX shots over 8 episodes in collaboration with Excuse My French. Production was spread out from August 2021 to February 2022. We also participated in the pre-visualisation of the arrival shot at the port of Marseille well before the start of post-production.

The MPC teams worked the magic behind a plethora of aspects of the show, including set extension, crowds, digital dubbing, creatures, treatment of anachronisms, wounds, weapons, etc.

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