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Babies and Battle Scenes for EPIX' Pennyworth Season 2

We completed 166 shots for two episodes of the Warner Bros. Television series, Pennyworth, an EPIX drama based on the early life of DC Comics’, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s trusted and highly-skilled butler. The show, which is directed by Rob Bailey and written by Bruno Heller, is streaming on selected services worldwide.

MPC Episodic’s VFX Supervisor Mike Bell and VFX Producer Alannah Belanger led the project consisting of shots for episodes 9, ‘Paradise Lost’ and 10, ‘The Lion and the Lamb’. They worked closely with Production VFX Supervisor and Producer, Rob Delicata. The team’s work included a range of effects including FX simulations, environment extensions and a fully CG baby.

Client / Studio

Warner Bros Television EPIX


Bruno Heller

VFX Supervisor

Mike Bell

VFX Producer

Alannah Belanger

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The most challenging sequence the artists faced was for the CG baby. Due to COVID restrictions at the time, babies were not allowed on set. An important scene for two core characters, the CG work had to deliver and help elevate this emotional scene. MPC Episodic’s VFX Supervisor, Mike Bell, said “Although the scene required only a few shots, we had to ensure the CG baby didn’t look too contrived, or it would be distracting for the viewer. We spent a fair amount of time researching typical baby movements and mannerisms, from how they yawn, to bodily twitches and eye movements.”

CG baby for Pennyworth Season 2

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