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How I Became a Super Hero

Paris 2021. In a society where superhumans are commonplace and perfectly integrated, a mysterious substance that gives superpowers to those who don't have them is spreading. Faced with a growing number of incidents, Lieutenants Schaltzmann and Moreau are put in charge of the investigation... but Moreau's past resurfaces.

It was key to director Douglas Attal to find the right balance in the use of visual effects. They are an integral part of the film's universe but they shouldn’t take over the story. During the live shooting, the technical process obviously took time but it never interfered with the work with the actors. During post-production, the Paris team implemented their technical and narrative know-how.


Trésor Films


Douglas Attal

VFX Supervisor

Cédric Fayolle

VFX Producer

Kristina Prilukova

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The Paris teams completed the work of another visual effects company, CGEV. Levitations, flaming or electrified reflections in the eyes, the addition of wounds and blood, everything was done to allow the director to bring the first-ever French superhero movie to screen. The creative challenge was to add drama, technique, and know-how to the story imagined by the director.   

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