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Annette is the second collaboration with our Paris and Liege studios and director Leos Carax. This musical tragedy led by Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver was shot in 2019, co-produced by SCOPE Pictures and CG Cinema and supported by the Belgian Tax Shelter, up to 4.2M€. It opened the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, where Leos Carax won the Director's Award.

"Spectacular and mysterious" - those were Leos Carax's words during our visual effects production in Liege. The collaboration between the director and our teams began before the shooting in order to prepare the film's key sets, including the dramatic boat scene.


CG Cinéma


Leos Caraz

VFX Supervisor

Philippe Frere

VFX Producer

Gaël Durant

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Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

Best Director

We started with an overview of the director’s wishes in terms of visual effects, special effects, make-up or real sets. Then we divided our work into three areas:

  • Effects created before shooting and refined in post-production for the boat scene. A huge retro-projected wave is used as a backdrop during the lovers’ journey: it was designed by Leos Carax via concept art by our teams, followed by a full CG scene.
  • The so-called “invisible” effects were used to camouflage and hide the cables, joints and cogs of Annette’s puppet. Screen inlays, green, blue and black backgrounds as well as a composite sequence shot were necessary for the final image to correspond to the director’s vision.
  • Effects for the hyperbowl scene included a huge concert hall made and reproduced in full CG. CG drones, CG stadium, CG crowd, FX pyrotechnics and starry sky, with the only real element if this scene being the puppet.

Throughout the project – from pre-production to editing – close communication between our team and Leos determined certain shooting methods and specified which elements were to be crafted in post-production. It took five months to finalise more than 160 VFX shots with the aim of delivering them before the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

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