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The Evening Standard Interviews MPC Animation Supervisor Seng Lau

NewsJune 7, 2022

The Evening Standard interview MPC’s Animation Supervisor, Seng Lau, and Series Producer, Tim Walker, to explain how they created the immersive and photo-realistic ancient world.

How did the team behind Prehistoric Planet bring to life dinosaurs that are over 66 million years old? We take you behind the scenes of the joint Apple TV+ / BBC production narrated by Sir David Attenborough and speak to series producer Tim Walker and animation supervisor Seng Lau.

Prehistoric Planet is a British-American five-part nature documentary streaming television series about dinosaurs that premiered on Apple TV+ beginning May 23, 2022. It is produced by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit with Jon Favreau as showrunner, visual effects by MPC, and narration by natural historian David Attenborough.

Listen to the podcast via The Evening Standard.

All 5 episodes of Prehistoric Planet are now available to stream on Apple TV+.

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