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SYFY WIRE | How VFX Sold The Illusion Of The Targaryens’ Most Devastating Weapon In ‘House Of The Dragon’

SYFY WIRE sits down with Mike Bell, who oversaw the show’s sweeping effects work on behalf of MPC.

NewsNovember 22, 2022

HBO completely understood this simple fact when it handed down the go-ahead for a Game of Thrones prequel centered around the Targaryen family, which ruled over Westeros for centuries before Robert Baratheon nearly wiped them all out. Set roughly 200 years prior to Jon Arryn’s death (an event that plunges the Seven Kingdoms into utter chaos), House of the Dragon delivers all the sex, betrayal, violence, and political maneuvering fans have come to expect from the GoT mythos, with the added benefit of more dragon-related mayhem.

Hear more from VFX Supervisor, Mike Bell, in the full interview over at SYFY Wire.

The complete first season of House of the Dragon is now streaming on HBO Max.

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