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Screen Rant | MPC VFX Supervisor, Mike Bell, Shares King’s Landing Secrets

Mike Bell, VFX supervisor at MPC, breaks down the most complex sequences in House of the Dragon season 1 and shares how it built on Game of Thrones.

NewsNovember 21, 2022

House of the Dragon has been so heralded for its intricate character-based plotting and finely-tuned melodrama that its stellar visual effects work can sometimes be overlooked. Often, viewers focus on the minor details that are not up to perfect standards rather than appreciating the effort that went into bringing Westeros to life—and animating 16 dragons along with it.

Screen Rant spoke to Mike Bell, who is a VFX supervisor for MPC, about how his team collaborated with the House of the Dragon showrunners to turn the clock back on King’s Landing and breathe life into several of the show’s dragons.

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