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Behind-the-scenes of Prehistoric Planet 2

Enjoy Jon Favreau, Tim Walker, and Mike Gunton talking about how our MPC VFX artists joined forces with scientists to bring art and science together and create a one-of-a-kind docuseries.

NewsMay 26, 2023

Thank you Animation World Network for featuring an exclusive behind-the-scenes feature of season two of award-winning natural history documentary Prehistoric Planet. The series, now streaming on Apple TV+, aims towards transporting the viewer to 66 million years ago, says Series Producer, Tim Walker. Working alongside biologists and palaeontologists the team interpreted new scientific research to then put it into a visual medium.

“These scientists have a deep understanding of the natural world, it’s amazing how the illusion works on you and you can’t believe what you’re looking at. Our partners at MPC are artists who have a deep understanding of how to breathe life into characters through animation they push limits of visual effects to show photorealism ” says Executive Producer, Jon Favreau.

Learn more about the work MPC created on season 1 of Prehistoric Planet here.

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